Latest simPRO update: the import and export improvements continue!

Madeline Reynolds   25 May, 2018

Our next update, rolling out on May 27, 2018, focuses on simplifying the import and export process, making updating records easier and faster!

Latest simPRO update: import and export improvements for Service and Enterprise

Madeline Reynolds   11 May, 2018

Our next update to simPRO, rolling out on May 13m 2018, offers improved import capability with extended options for employees and contractors making it simple to use and lighting fast!

simPRO Heads West To Capture Californian Solar and Security Markets

Belinda Kelly   1 May, 2018

simPRO has expanded to California as part of a strategic expansion to the booming west coast solar and security markets.

Keeping up with growth in the electronic security industry

Glenn Nott   30 April, 2018

As technology in the 21st century continues to advance, so too does the industry for electronic security. Now it seems that every year there is a variety of new programs and systems released, all aimed at improving security in any and every aspect of a consumer’s life.

Latest simPRO update: taking the first step towards the new mobile suite

Madeline Reynolds   27 April, 2018

Our next update to simPRO, rolling out on April 29, 2018, continues to improve our solutions based on your feedback, and launches the first new feature to be supported by the upcoming simPRO Quote/Sales Module as part of our new simPRO Mobile Suite!

Latest simPRO update: Putting our ear to the ground

Madeline Reynolds   14 April, 2018

The latest simPRO update, rolling out on April 15, 2018, focuses on fostering a positive customer experience and ensuring that use of our solutions are effortless.

Latest simPRO update: automatically create sites in simTRAC with new integration features

Belinda Kelly   1 April, 2018

Our next update to simPRO and simTRAC, rolling out on April 2, 2018, is aimed at making fleet monitoring and job site management easier for business owners, as well as office and field staff.

Latest simPRO update: communicate with staff and customers by SMS

Belinda Kelly   15 March, 2018

With our next update to simPRO Service and Enterprise, rolling out on March 18th 2018, you can communicate with customers and staff by SMS using the new simPRO SMS Service.

Latest simTRAC update: Improve fleet efficiency with vehicle replay

Madeline Reynolds   9 March, 2018

Our recent improvements to the simTRAC system will give you the ultimate opportunity to see how your fleet’s travel decisions are affecting your efficiency and fuel consumption, and improve scheduling through enhanced simPRO integration.

Latest simPRO update: Price competitively

Belinda Kelly   2 March, 2018

Our next update to simPRO Service and Enterprise, rolling out from 4th of March 2018, will give you an additional competitive edge.