If you’re starting to feel the heat from rising temperatures and frantic clients, chances are you’re an HVAC business in the midst of busy season. This time of year is great for sales and new jobs, but it can also bring added stress as technicians are needed to work longer hours, and the workforce is often limited.

Whether you’re excited to conquer busy season or starting to feel the pressure, it’s important to be organized and plan in advance. You don’t want to wait until the phones are ringing like crazy to start getting your operations in order.

Here are five ways you can stay calm, cool, and collected during the heat of HVAC busy season:

5 ways to stay calm, cool and collected during the HVAC busy season

1. Schedule smarter

When things get busy, even a small inaccuracy can have major consequences. Overbooking, dispatching technicians to inconvenient locations, or failing to match them to a job based on their skillset can all affect the flow of your revenue and productivity. Make sure that scheduling is efficient to avoid losing billable hours.

2. Organize the details

Be sure that both your office staff and field technicians are recording as many job details as possible. Details that office staff relay from customers will help ensure that your technicians are prepared, have the proper parts, and can complete the job correctly and efficiently.

Additionally, details that technicians record on or after the job will help others in your business with similar work in the future. Recording details can be especially helpful on emergency service calls so that your technicians can address and assist panicked customers as quickly as possible.

3. Keep your customers happy

If your customer’s A/C system isn’t properly functioning, chances are they aren’t in the best mood. Keep them happy until your technicians arrive on site by providing details and notifications about their upcoming service. Your customers will feel valued if you communicate clearly!

4. Get paid!

So, you’ve got your field technicians in the right place at the right time, your office staff are organized, and your customers are happy. Then comes the best part of conquering busy season — getting paid. Send out those invoices as promptly as possible so you can get paid as promptly as possible.

5. Give your team helpful tools

Here’s a little bonus! If you work in commercial HVAC, a preventive maintenance checklist can be a HUGE help. Here are a few useful tasks from a checklist published by Buildings Magazine with maintenance for commercial buildings:

  • Inspect heating and cooling equipment at least twice a year
  • Clean or replace air filters quarterly at the least and look for signs of mold
  • Lubricate pump bearings annually and inspect couplings
  • Clean the condenser coil, if accessible
  • Inspect for energy efficiency
  • Cooling towers — take apart and inspect screens and access panels. You’ll want to inspect all parts of the tower, clean the starter and cabinet, inspect the wiring, check the motor starter, megger test the motor and log readings, and check the condition of the sump heater and contractor.

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