Away from the office and into triathlons

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Remember Adam Bell?

The first milestone in Adam's journey was being able to leave the office for a fishing trip and know that everything was taken care of back in the office. If something had been missed, he knew he could track what happened.

Around the same time Adam swapped his car for a pushbike to get to work in the morning. Well, he started enjoying the ride so much it became a hobby. Adam was feeling good so he started swimming, then even a spot of jogging which led to more jogging, more riding and more swimming.

The kilos were falling off the the cholesterol level was falling. He looks quite different nowadays. When I dropped in for a visit recently I had to look twice.

Me: "Gday Adam, you're looking well".

Adam: "I'm doing triathlons now".

Me: "Holy smokes!"

Yep, Adam's got the fitness bug. He's already completed his first triathlon. At Bribie Island, after a five hundred metre swim, fifteen kilometre cycle and a three kilometre run he finished 27th out of a 127 strong field.

This week he's amping up the training to be ready for the next challenge at Kawana Waters, the distances a little longer this time.

So, since we last spoke to Adam he's lost 12 kilos and taken his cholesterol from a reading of 7.8 down to 3.8.

Not to put the pressure on or anything but we'll be looking to see how you go at Kawana Adam! Go you good thing!