Big air-conditioning company goes paperless and loving it

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Boyle & Grigg Air Conditioning has been in business for more than 18 years. That’s plenty of time to learn what it takes to run a successful air-conditioning business, and that’s exactly what they’re doing.

The business has morphed over the years to now become a successful and profitable business model executing projects ranging from $20 thousand to $2 million in value.

“The industry made us wake up and say we have to remodel the way we do things. I’m pleased to say we’re achieving that.” Andrew Grigg, Director. Boyle & Grigg Air Conditioning

Before simPRO, Boyle & Grigg had been using an alternative software package that was difficult to use and fell short on its feature set in too many ways.

Going Paperless

For Andrew, the best thing about simPRO has been the ability to minimise paperwork. Everything is now up to date and in one place, accessible from anywhere at anytime, with no need to print to paper.

“The best thing about being paperless is that everybody can see it, everybody can open a job and see the notes, even our service guys out on site.” Andrew

Techs in the field are given access to information about jobs such as history, what’s owed, what needs to be done, job status - everything!

Turnaround times are a fraction of what they used to be now that service techs can get a clients signature as soon as the job is complete. They can close the job and the office is notified immediately.

“I had to be convinced to use the cloud.” Andrew

We at simPRO live and breath the cloud so admittedly it’s a surprise when we hear of people who have not yet embraced it, but that’s the reality. Understandably business are protective of their data. Who wouldn’t be? But with nearly all software running on the cloud these days the infrastructure just gets more reliable, more secure, every day.

They used to keep everything in house on a server. They were protective about their IP.

“We’d always kept everything in-house on a server, and hard disk and backups …” Andrew

Asset Management Revolution

All the information about every asset for every client is now accessible to the field techs. The model number, the serial number and the history of work that has been completed on that asset. This puts Boyle & Grigg on the front foot, proactively suggesting to clients when an asset is due to be replaced based on past expenditures.

The Added Benefits

What does the company rely on simPRO for? Andrew says: “Everything, our business runs on simPRO”

All too often, by the time it comes to claiming retentions when the job is a distant memory, simPRO ensures

“simPRO doesn’t allow us to ever lose our retentions. We know exactly what its due to be invoiced.” Andrew

A Christmas Bonus

Despite being a 24/7 service, last year Andrew decided to give all the staff time off over the Christmas break. They’d had a tough year so Andrew diverted the calls to his own home and ran the business from there.

No More Paying For Morning Chit Chat

Like most business running on simPRO, a popular benefit is that the field techs no longer need to visit the office in the morning. The business is no longer paying for idea chit chat and the field techs deal with a whole lot less traffic and love the sleep ins!

Using simPRO Connect each of the field techs head straight to the job with all the information they need.

The End Game

The aim is to get the business to the point where it won’t require Andrew to keep running and to keep building.

“The talented staff we have here can keep running the business, and simPRO allows us to do that.” Andrew

Recommendation To Others

Andrew’s recommendation is not to do too much training too early. Just get your process and systems in place and good clean data into simPRO and go from there. Keep it simple in the beginning.

“Coming out the other end, it works.” Andrew

Watch the full interview below.