As technology in the 21st century continues to advance, so too does the industry for electronic security. Now it seems that every year there is a variety of new programs and systems released, all aimed at improving security in any and every aspect of a consumer’s life.

In recent years, with these advances in modern technology, many business owners in the electronic security industry have seen significant growth, thanks to not only an increase in the market of security products, but also in the consumer’s increased desire for better and more extensive protection of themselves and their new valuables.

Julie Beach, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Stanley Security Sonitrol dealer channel, said in an online article for SDM Magazine that within the Sonitrol network of dealers, the ones that have seen the most growth are those “...that are really focusing on keeping with current technology, not just doing the same things they have always been doing…”

Fredrik Nilsson, Vice President of Americas Axis Communications, echoes this sentiment in an online article for Security Sales & Integration, stating that dealers and integrators in this industry should plan for continued growth, however he warns they also need to stay educated on new technologies.

It seems that as the electronic security industry experiences notable levels of growth, those that are not only meeting growing demand, but also seeing its benefits, are those that endeavor to employ new business management technologies and keep up with the times.

Having a business model that works and is well-known and understood by staff is any owner’s dream. However with the speed at which technology, energy consumption and the greater population is growing, it is not unlikely that many electronic security businesses will see their models quickly become outdated or unable to meet the requirements of the market’s growth.

Mark Bradley, President and CEO of ECD Systems, has thrown his sympathy behind those struggling to keep up with the times as he noted in an online article for Security Sales & Integration, growing and maintaining a capable workforce remains the electronic security industry’s biggest challenge.

It’s clear from the voices speaking up that many electronic security businesses can expect to see some highs and lows in the coming months. The growth in the sector means greater demand for field technicians and products, however without the right technologies and workforce to meet this, businesses can expect to struggle with their efficiency and job requests.

Those in the electronic security industry should not be feeling a sense of doom and gloom just yet however, as the increase in technologies has also provided business owners with a multitude of software to assist in growing their company.

Commonly referred to as job management ‘solutions’, this software aims to simplify certain aspects of the day-to-day workflow for electronic security businesses, and solve common problems of time-delay and miscommunication.

If you can improve the efficiency of your business' processes, your personnel then have more time to make sure they are presenting a valuable and efficient service.

simPRO provides solutions that are a great example of the features that can optimize workflows and lead business owners in growing their company.

Some of the features simPRO can offer include a streamlined job scheduling and communication plan, an optimization of estimation processes, improved facility and equipment management, better control of assets, and a number of options for project management.

Using technology, like simPRO, to optimize their day-to-day workflow, electronic security owners and operators can expect to meet this growing demand for service and product, and begin to see real growth in their business.

The mentioned workflow solutions represent just a fraction of what simPRO, and job management software in general, can offer business owners to assist in the growth of their company.

Below are four features of simPRO Software that we believe can also help you grow your electronic security business during this time of prosperity:

  • Estimating Control: Choose the cost rate, sell rate and markup price for any labor type and save this in simPRO’s cloud-based system as a default for any new customer. You can also save and reuse combinations of materials and labor, or either one alone. This feature of simPRO makes job quoting quick and simple with easy access to data on labor and materials costs.
  • Facility and Equipment Management: Technicians using simPRO Connect (an add-on application) can capture test readings, register new assets, follow service level checklists, report defects, make notes and take photos. Using the simPRO Maintenance Planner add-on, users can also know what needs to be tested, when and what specific test is required. Office staff or technicians can also set up their system to be alerted when assets fail and require repair, or of critical failures that need to be addressed as soon as possible.
  • Project Management: Users can estimate, schedule, and invoice each section of a multi-stage project separately - having a work breakdown structure ensures you can complete every stage of the project efficiently and cost-effectively. You can then monitor your project’s progress in real time with a complete project overview in simPRO - report on everything from materials and resources to purchase orders, contractor work orders and customer invoices.

The proof is in the pudding, as many would say, with regards to how job management solutions can assist you in growing your business, but you don’t just have to take our word for it.

Meet Frank, the CEO of Proguard Protection Services in Aspen, Colorado. Frank is just one of simPRO’s users who has seen some fantastic figures for growth since employing the services of job management software.

Frank firmly believes that adding simPRO to his business was one of the smartest decisions he’s ever made as a businessman, and boasts growth figures totalling 30% across his company since signing up for simPRO’s service.

“Since implementing simPRO a year ago, the company has recorded significant figures in growth to the tune of 14% in sales, 6% in clients and more than 10% in their overall profit margin. Not to mention the means to employ an additional six staff.”

Frank is just one of many of simPRO global security customers that have seen growth using the ongoing developments in job management software.

With the current opportunity for growth so high in the electronic security industry markets, business owners and operators should be doing everything they can to better their chances to take advantage of the market expansion.