Our next release, rolling out on September 30, 2018, will have the scheduling interface looking better than ever as well as some exciting improvements to functionality! These updates will certainly create some star schedulers in your business.

We regularly review suggestions in the simPRO Ideas Portal and use them, and other comments, to identify areas for improvement in simPRO Service and Enterprise. If you’ve got a suggestion, make sure to head there to let us know!

So, what’s new in scheduling this fortnight?

  • Default week start dates
  • Color-coordinate activities
  • Other improvements

Default week start dates

Service work can be difficult to schedule, especially when most of the world is expecting help from those in the trade sector 24/7!

Thankfully, you can still maintain some control over your week, as simPRO Service and Enterprise users can now nominate a default start time for weeks and days.

Color-coordinate activities

For those administrators out there who treasure an expertly organized time table - we’ve got something for you to take your scheduling to the next level! When you set up activities in System Setup, you can now select a schedule color, so you can color-code different activities.

Other improvements

We’ve got a number of other small improvements with this update as well that are aimed at making your administrative team some truly talented schedulers. Some of the other improvements we’ve made include:

  • The ability to search the schedule by order or request number for a job or quote
  • Enabling Enterprise users to nominate default zones and teams in employee card files - this means that when employees view the schedule they will only see employees assigned to their default team and zone!
  • Providing the option to display the postcode of job sites on schedule blocks.

For more information on the latest release, and to learn about even more improvements we’ve made to scheduling, watch the video below or head over to our release notes!