Our first simPRO Mobile release, the Quote and Sales module, was an exciting and engaging addition to simPRO. Previously only available on Android, it’s reach now includes iOS!

Those with iOS-powered devices can now create quotes or jobs on the go for customers or sites and present multiple options with detailed information at every level. The options can be anything the technician or salesperson desires. For example, they could present a quote that offers varying degrees of service defined by the level of work completed, or the value of the products included. These can be divided up in the Quote and Sales module’s Presentation Mode under options like: ‘Good’, ‘Better’ and ‘Best’ or ‘Bronze’, ‘Silver’ and ‘Gold’ rankings - and that’s just the beginning when it comes to this solution!

There are many features in the Quote and Sales module that make it an optimal tool for ensuring customer understanding, loyalty and satisfaction, and the latest update only improves its functionality and ease-of-use for technicians, owners and operators.

Some of the additional improvements we’ve made to this exciting solution in it’s latest release include:

  • iOS support
  • Fast Billing
  • Service fee support

iOS Support

When we were first ready to roll out the Quote and Sales module, we were so excited to launch the product that we just couldn’t wait! So, we initially only released the capability that we had at the time, which was unique to Android devices.

Our Product Team kept working away in the background however, and now the Quote and Sales module is supported on Apple devices too! In order for this solution to work on your devices however, they’ll need a certain OS to run on! For Android users that’s 4.4 or above, and for our iOS friends that’s iOS version 9 or above.

Happy quoting and selling in the field!

Introducing: Fast Billing

Presentation Mode is easily the most exciting and engaging aspect of the Quote and Sales module. It’s a great way to not only showcase multiple opportunities for service, but also educate customers on pricing and products included.

Sometimes however, customers are so impressed by the ability to include various jobs in a single quote that they just want to accept all options and progress as soon as possible!

For these instances, we’ve introduced fast billing in the Quote and Sales module; this functionality allows technicians to create a new job or quote, add any number of options, finalize them with the customer, and email or submit them immediately, without needing to step through Presentation Mode, via the ‘Bill all Options’ button! This means you’re on the job faster and customers are assisted more efficiently!

Service fee support

The Quote and Sales module now includes full service fee support, with the ability to retrieve service quotes and jobs containing service fees from Enterprise.

Service Fees can now be found in the Price Book in the Quote and Sales module - making your quotes considerably more comprehensive, and quick to complete.

To learn more about these latest updates to the Quote and Sales module, watch the video below, or head over to our release notes. If you want to better understand how to use the Quote and Sales module within your business, you can start with the dedicated helpguide page, here.