In simPRO’s latest update, you can now have simPRO automatically pull the total invoice amount from the job and insert it into your email using insert fields in your email templates.

Learn more about our update with step-by-step videos in our Release Notes, or continue reading for more details.

Save time and increase efficiency by having your email templates do the hard work for you. After including the new total invoice insert fields in your email template, simPRO will automatically fill that field with the job-related customer’s total invoice amount. Choose whether or not tax is included in the total invoice amount.

Send accurate, brand consistent emails to your customers, even while still on site. At the tap of a finger, field engineers can send customers a pre-made scripted email which contains the job’s total invoice amount.

You can find the insert fields in email templates for claim requests, credit notes, invoice scripts and - of course - your invoices.

Select All open projects in just one click

After being highly requested in the Ideas Portal, new to simPRO is the Select All button. When you have five projects open, you will be prompted to close a minimum of one before you can start on your new project.

The newly added Select All button now allows you to select all of the jobs, quotes, recurring invoices or orders you have open and then close them so you can start working on your next big project.