Our next update to simPRO and simTRAC, rolling out from April 2nd, 2018, is aimed at making fleet monitoring and job site management easier for business owners, and office and field staff.

With this update, job site details are better reported through a new integration between simPRO and simTRAC.

So what’s new?

  • Report on vehicle activity at customer sites.
  • Sites created in simPRO can be automatically sent to simTRAC.
  • More contextual information in Reports, Live Tracking and Replay.

Set up simPRO to automatically create sites in simTRAC

Any new job sites you create in simPRO can now be automatically sent to simTRAC without needing to create or import the site manually!

Instead of importing your sites over and over again, you can now control them all from within simPRO.

By selecting a default radius and the automatic send feature, everytime you create a new site in simPRO, it will automatically be sent to simTRAC.

This isn’t just limited to creating new sites either: if you realise you need to change details or update information, you can automatically update simTRAC when you make a change to an existing site in simPRO.

Report on vehicle activity at your sites

With this new and improved integration, our simPRO users will be able to develop a clearer understanding of fleet activity when reviewing a run sheet report in simTRAC.

Furthermore, when vehicles are stopped at an address, it will now also list the site name, provided it matches a site listed in simPRO.

Now you can make sure your technicians are arriving on time and to the right location, improving your fleet monitoring and management.

Watch the video for more details, or head to our release notes for step-by-step videos.

Add-on feature - Easter only

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Whether in the office or the field, simPRO is leading the way in bringing technology to your technicians.

Watch the video for more details