The latest simPRO update, rolling out on April 15, 2018, focuses on fostering a positive customer experience and ensuring that use of our solutions is effortless.

We’ve listened to your suggestions in the simPRO Ideas Portal and are continuing to identify and solve issues users may have experienced when using simPRO Service and Enterprise.

A number of features have been updated in this release including jobs, reports, invoices and integration.

So, what’s new?

Bug affecting geolocation in Connect has been fixed

In some cases where Connect could not get a location from a technicians’ mobile device, it would revert to the default location and report that they were working somewhere off the coast of Africa. With the latest update, we have brought those missing technicians home.

Associated credit value now displayed in Profit/Loss Job Report

Previously, when filtering by cost center in the Profit/Loss Job Report, the report would show the full credit value that had been applied to any jobs. Now only the value associated with the selected cost center filter will be reported.

Get Labor Productivity Report faster

Some changes have been made to the Labor Productivity Report so that it now loads quicker and reduces memory usage. These updates mean that reports with larger data will be easily accessible and readable.

Improved customer information when applying credit memo

When some users were applying credit memos, invoices for multiple different customers would show up for the memo to be applied to. Now only invoices for the same customer appear when applying a credit memo.