Natalie’s great leap forward

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Meet Natalie. When she joined C&G Services two years ago as the office manager she got a rude shock. The company was one of the leading cleaning equipment companies on the South Coast but had no electronic system for managing jobs, inventory or assets.

Even issuing an invoice was a headache with Natalie having to manually enter the invoice into the Xero accounting system, type stock codes and consult a spreadsheet to see what parts were used.

That’s when her Journey began. Natalie researched all of the systems that were compatible with Xero and decided that simPRO was the only one that met her needs. Then she convinced her managers, who were sceptical, to try the entry level Streamline Job Management Software.

Two years into the Journey and C&G Services has tripled its turnover, Natalie no longer wastes her time on data entry, and the company has upgraded to simPRO Enterprise.

This has all been achieved with a huge improvement in customer service as clients can be in and out in a couple of minutes due to automated invoicing, and staff have more time to make calls to grow the business instead of shuffling paper.

Meanwhile, margins are improved because Natalie can instantly see the service record of each piece of equipment to see if it is beyond economical repair and needs to be replaced.

Most importantly, everything worked smoothly with far less stress than before.

“We are ultra-busy, continuously, but it would not be possible to even maintain the volume of work we have without simPRO.” Natalie

Natalie says the next step in her Journey with simPRO is to save even more time by exploring how to best import data, with the possibility of using scanners.

In the following interview Natalie discusses her simPRO Journey.