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Alistair Green, General Manager. Condamine Electric Company.

With an exit in mind, Gavin Walton, owner of Condamine Electric Company wanted to build the business into a genuine SME. Alistair Green joined the business to look at the business structure. It wasn’t long before they realised in order to build structure, more robust tools were required, particularly if they were to effectively manage their projected growth.

Recently the business escalated from 15 staff to 30, next they're aiming for a century.

For a consistent service to be delivered across growing staff numbers, three key criteria were identified:

  1. Access to job information
  2. Access to the system
  3. Control for the managers

Access and accountability

According to Alistair, accountability becomes even more important when you’re trying to grow the business and the number of staff increases. Using Connect, field staff have become part of the process. Access to all the information they need enables them to make decisions on their own, removing what used to be a 2-3 step process. This allows the managers to focus on running the business, removing tedious micro-management.

“An accessible job management system really allows me to focus on the business rather than on the people...” Alistair Green

Data transparency enabled the business to not rely as heavily on a few key people, instead sharing the workload, responsibility and accountability across the team.

Control for the managers

The ability to manage inventory for the first time was a huge milestone for the company. Being situated in a remote location means these guys carry loads of stock and for twenty years it had never been measured.

“You don’t have to find the number one system, but you do absolutely have to adopt its way and not try to bend to your old ways. That was an expensive and important lesson for us.” Alistair Green

Field staff can now take care of their own inventory records. They're accountable for exactly what’s been taken from the warehouse and what’s been used on the job which takes away loads of paperwork and passes autonomy on to the staff. The extensive reporting capability simPRO offers creates a more inclusive culture. Giving managers access to detailed data enables strategic decisions to be made on imperical data and removes speculation.

Getting on with the job

Being in the service industry means Condamine Electric Company relies entirely on their staff to deliver superior customer service. Once Alistair has imparted all the information and tools required for the guys in the field his aim is to then step aside and let the tech’s do what they do best - deliver high quality service.

On a personal note

Alistair lives one hundred kilometres from the office which means he often works from home or on the road. Cloud based software is ideal for mobile teams, particularly if you're a General Manager required to keep your finger on the company's pulse.

For Gavin, the processes are in place and he'll be well prepared should he decide to exit before a prosperous retirement.

We'd like to thank Gavin, Alistair and everyone at Condamine Electric Company for their contribution to The Journey.

Alistair details his observations and his approach in the following video.