Today we are pleased to announce that simPRO has brought simTRAC, a real-time GPS tracking system, to the United States!

simTRAC fleet management software gives you live vehicle tracking and monitors the exact location of your fleet. Staff visibility and route optimization enables you to streamline your business and reduce costs, saving you time and money.

"We've spent a lot of time this year getting simTRAC ready for the US market, so it's very exciting to have it ready to share with our customers in this part of the world," says Alun Bain the simTRAC Product Manager.

“simTRAC keeps track of all the equipment my engineers work with. This is helping us detect failure patterns and allows us to fix problems before they occur.” Ray Paz, Laundry SVC Tech LLC

simTRAC screen shot

simTRAC with simPRO Enterprise or Service

simTRAC is an ideal complimentary product for both simPRO Service and simPRO Enterprise and helps provide a complete solution when partnered with the software’s other mobility products: simPRO Connect and eForms.

Another particular advantage of the integration is that it allows the user to easily see in one screen the location of their entire mobile workforce in relation to jobs that are scheduled or yet to be scheduled. This allows for smarter scheduling decisions, improved efficiency with the ability to identify the nearest tech to a job, and removes the need to visit sites more than once.

This also allows the user to identify vehicles that have been stopped for extended periods at locations that do not have a scheduled job, helping identify potential revenue leakage.

Improvements to field service

Imagine a time in the not-so-distant future when your customers could request a job on your website, simPRO would calculate the variables and provide an instant quote, and the customer could see the available time slots and accept the quote.

Your schedule would be updated and the technicians would be allocated work in the most efficient order on the most efficient routes.

The customer would receive an SMS advising that the technician is on their way to the job, with a link to view the technician’s live position on a map.

Upon completion of the work, the technician would update the job including times and parts used. The schedule would then be updated back in the office. simPRO would flag any variance from time quoted, time-on-site from the schedule, and the time the vehicle was on site, so you could update your quote system or the invoice before closing the job.