Slow holidays, tribal villages and too many customers.

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Writing Journey blog posts is beginning to feel more like for a travel brochure than writing about the Trade industry.

Slow holidays

Today we dropped in to see Matt Harriden. Matt recently returned from his first holiday in eight years! Over christmas Matt took three whole weeks off. His three weeks, which he reckons actually felt more like 3 months included a week at home on the farm, a week at Airlie Beach with his wife and a week camping with the kids. Nice!

Except public holidays, Aussie Plumbers kept on plumbing as usual.

Since we met Matt he’s sold his old (project-based plumbing) business and the future of Aussie Plumbers (do-and-charge) is looking very bright indeed.

The holiday allowed Matt to step back and re-evaluate his approach to the business, finally being able to work ON the business. With his new-found productivity Matt has decided to work only four days per week.

“As long I plan my week properly, I've realised I can actually take Fridays off.”

A tight schedule

We’ve mentioned before, Aussie Plumbers top priority is to continue exceeding customer expectations. It’s why they offer the 'On time or Free' guarantee.

“We're hiring two more guys as soon as we can. If we started advertising now, we'd be flooded.”

One glance at the schedule in Enterprise shows their schedule is off the charts. A large portion of business is coming in through referrals and repeat business so an emphasis on customer service is obviously paying off. In the office, a very close eye is kept on the schedule. Clients are always updated if the guys are running late.

The field techs are all working overtime including Saturdays. Aussie Plumbers will soon put two more techs on the road, once they find the appropriate candidates with the required presentation and communication skills.

simPRO users are often quick to point out the effort required to systemise the business. Change management doesn't come easy but once the management and staff are on board then it's not long before the rewards are realised.

“We’ve just reached the point where it feels like everyone knows Enterprise well.”


Too many phone calls!

Once the office staff have gone home the phone doesn't stop ringing. Temporarily Matt is taking after hours calls, but too much business is a problem he's willing to cope with.

Aussie Plumbers had intended to begin advertising in the new year. In fact they were ready to go but had to put it on hold until some more resources are on the road. "We're hiring two more guys as soon as we can. If we started advertising now, we'd be flooded," Matt said.

Family Village Tribe

Matt was recently influenced by a book by Mandy Johnson called: Family Village Tribe, based on the famed successes of the The Flight Centre.

“The Stone Age tribal structure that created a passionate and engaged workforce and underpinned the company's phenomenal growth.”

Mandy herself will be visiting the Aussie Plumbers office later in the week to explore how the strategy could help Matt's plans for nationwide expansion, planting teams (Family's) around the country.

Being open to new ideas is what The Journey is all about.