Sparkies turned serial entrepreneurs

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In our last interview with Andrew and Prue Aranovitch, we saw a couple of entrepreneurs aiming for the stars with multiple successful businesses under their belt and always on the lookout for the next opportunity.

One business of theirs, Sparky Direct, was one of the first of it’s kind in Australia selling wholesale electrical goods. The site already hosts an enormous range of all things electrical, and because it caters to a predominantly male market, Andrew and Prue are able to take advantage of the demographic and add other products to the mix that aren’t necessarily electrical.

To understand what products they should offer, Andrew and Prue like to visit a Brisbane Gift Fair where Andrew picks out products to suit his target demographic, from pool ball sets to bar runners to remote control helicopters.

Every little opportunity helps

Prue also keeps her eyes peeled for opportunities. While at the gift fair, she spotted some purses she liked – purses that can fit her collection of loyalty cards as well as her phone and has the added safety feature of RFID protection (blocking scanners trying to pinch your credit card details).

Prue began supplying the purses to a friend who owns a hairdressing salon – an ideal outlet. They couldn’t keep up with demand! Prue now gets free haircuts and the hairdresser has another sales channel.

Orthoeze cast covers

Twelve months ago, Prue began another business venture, this time with business partner Sheenagh.

The opportunity presented itself in a rather unfortunate event where Prue’s daughter broke her arm. Prue realised there was nothing on the market to decorate or hide the otherwise unsightly cast. So Prue made one, and then another.

They began the research and development phase by making prototypes, coming up with designs, speaking to potential outlets, package design and much more.

Orthoeze, Prue and Sheenagh's was began taking shape and showing promise.

Fast forward to today and...

“It’s the calm before the storm.” Prue

Things were looking promising so, complete with a new business name, ‘Orthoeze’ was born.

Sparky workwear

Meanwhile, as their electrical business, Mr A Electrics, hums along, Andrew has been looking at how he can grow Sparky Workwear. It’s another business that falls nicely into his existing target demographic and sells premium workwear from Sweden.

“It’s the highest quality workwear you’ll find anywhere in Australia.” Andrew

Andrew and Prue are a great example of how you can take an idea, act on it, grow it and automate it to open up the space to achieve whatever your heart desires.