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Press Release: Profit Rhino integrates with simPRO in flat rate price book

simPRO  24 October, 2017

simPRO pioneers API Integration with Profit Rhino to Deliver World Class Flat Rate Pricing Tool for Field Technicians, Contractors and Customers.

Broomfield, CO (October 16, 2017) – Job management software provider simPRO Software Ltd has teamed up with Profit Rhino to launch the country’s first fully integrated flat rate pricing tool for contractors.

The partnership will provide simPRO customers with the capacity to utilize a range of cloud-based automated pricing features as part of the job quoting process, and then integrate the quote with simPRO’s existing job management software via the input of an API key.

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Schedule smarter with job management software

Andrew Crowe  12 October, 2017

As a field service business owner, one of the challenges you might face is managing expectations as you scale up the venture.

As your customer base grows, you’ll need to change to cope with additional customer demands, increased orders, and more complex services you may now need to offer.

Your team and your systems need to be prepared to handle your business’ transformation – and efficient staff scheduling is vital.

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5 ways to improve your estimating skills

Andrew Crowe  11 October, 2017

When you price a job accurately and win it, it can deliver instant improvements to your bottom line – but getting it wrong can be a very expensive mistake.

These five tips can help you estimate accurately and secure your project’s success.

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Are these 4 common estimating errors hurting your profitability?

Elfie Tan  10 October, 2017

The profitability of any job undertaken by a field services business can vary significantly from expectations at the time the estimate for that job was created. Removing this variability and delivering consistent profits should be the goal of every business owner.

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Growing the business with better, more affordable software

Brad Halcrow  4 September, 2017

Dana Henzler is Vice President of Quality Degree, Inc. An HVAC company based in Royersford, Pennsylvania.

The company currently has three staff members in the office and 20 in the field but they’re looking to grow. As part of their growth strategy QDI aim to increase Maintenance Agreement sales.

After implementing simPRO, the company is now able to track and understand exactly how many Agreements they have active, how many more they need to meet their targets and compare that against how many prospects are in the pipeline.

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With simPRO embedded, the ceiling of growth has been lifted

Brad Halcrow  25 August, 2017

Frank Bauer II is the CEO of Proguard Protection Services in Aspen Colorado. The company has a total of 23 employees, 11 of which are in the field. Frank realized Proguard had hit a ceiling of growth. New infrastructure was required to lift the ceiling in order to continue building the company. As luck would have it, Frank found simPRO.

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Latest simPRO update: The new simPRO and Microsoft Outlook integration. It was meant to be.

Elfie Tan  31 August, 2017

Our latest update to simPRO includes a much-requested feature from our Ideas Portal: an integration between simPRO and the latest web and desktop versions of Microsoft Outlook!

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8 things to consider when choosing job management software for your business

Natasha Maycock  31 July, 2017

Tradespeople all over the world are reaping the benefits of cloud software that handles everything from creating quotes and scheduling jobs to generating invoices.

But how do you choose the right job management software that suits your trade business from a sea of providers?

To offer you some guidance, we’ve put together eight key considerations you should think about before making the investment.