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Technicians can upsell to customers in the field with the FREE Quote Sales Module

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Enables technicians to upsell to customers in the field
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Offer membership cost savings to customers to promote loyalty
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Drive customer sales for products and services
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A new way to sell in simPRO

With simPRO’s new and FREE Quote Sales Module sales staff and technicians are better equipped in the field to offer a new level of field sales capability to customers. For the first time, technicians can now sell in the field via simPRO.

The Quote Sales Module for simPRO Enterprise offers the convenience of quote generation in the field in an aesthetically pleasing format with images, supporting materials and even allows for cost savings via a memberships option. Staff and technicians can present multiple estimates and customers are able to choose from various options on the spot or in their own time.

The benefits of simPRO’s new Quote Sales Module are ample with staff and technicians able to capture quote acceptance signatures immediately making the process more streamlined for both the technician or staff member along with the customers. Quotes can also be converted to a job in the field and work can continue on a job immediately if required.

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Upsell to customers in the field

simPRO’s Quote Sales Module introduces a new field sales tool within simPRO that will see benefits provided to both staff and technicians in the field as well as for customers.

The new and free tool allows staff and technicians to sell memberships to offer cost savings to customers that instantly influence the price of quotes created in the field.

Customers can choose from multiple options based on price or inclusions, or even choose to purchase or renew a membership, all in the field.

The Quote Sales Module is the first of many other simPRO solutions that is part of the simPRO Mobile Suite to be launched in 2018.

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Included in simPRO’s field license

The Quote Sales Module is utilized as part of each simPRO field license but at no extra cost. This means there is completely free access for every user with a simPRO field license.

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