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Build your reports your way

Drill down on your business data for even more informed decision making with the NEW Report Builder

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Analyze and interpret data in new ways within simPRO
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Save and share results
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Gain a deeper understanding
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Use the dashboard to display saved questions and graphs
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Obtain valuable insights
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Make informed business decisions

A tailored reporting solution for your business

The NEW Report Builder for simPRO Enterprise customers offers businesses new ways to analyze and interpret crucial data in simPRO.

Originating from customer feedback in the simPRO Ideas Portal, the solution offers businesses tailored reporting capability in addition to existing reporting from simPRO, ultimately leading to improved decision making.

It has a friendly, easy to use interface and any question can be saved. Hiding and reordering columns is simple with the standard tables, graphing and charts are easy to include in the dashboard.

Report Builder can be used for data exports and create handy output visualizations such as graphs which can also be made available via the dashboard.

Businesses can use the built-in save capability to store data analytics and utilize the results further for team collaborations.

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Use the interface to ask vital questions of your data

One of the features of Report Builder is the easy to use interface allowing businesses to ask vital questions of their own data.

You might like to ask Report Builder about quotes created in the last 30 days and how many of those had a Gross Profit greater than a specified dollar value for example.

In asking Report Builder a set question, the tailored solution provides data for the user, all based on the specific question asked.

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Report Builder is a new solution at no extra cost

The basic Report Builder for Enterprise customers is FREE. Make even more informed decisions from your own data at no extra cost. In an upcoming release a Premium version will be available where SQL native queries can be used to further investigate your data.

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