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Intelligent business reporting

Get clear, actionable information on every bit of your business

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Get complete visibility across your business
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Discover trends to increase profit
Discover trends to increase profit Icon
See what you want, when you want

Let your data work for you

With simPRO, you get real-time, actionable data all year round, not just at the year’s end. Over 60* reports mean you can keep tabs on everything as it happens and make the right decisions.

Most Common Reports❮ ❯

Plan for improved cash flow and profitability

simPRO’s range of financial reports help you make smart decisions, fast. Understand where your business is making – or losing – money, and where and how you can take action to increase your profitability, improve your cash flow, and reduce your costs.

Know exactly who owes you and how much with the Aged Receivables Report; see your expected sales on jobs, quotes and leads with the Sales Forecast Report; identify which jobs have made a profit, and which haven’t, with the Profit/Loss Job Report; and much more.

Plan for improved cash flow and profitability

Improve performance and maximize your workforce

Everyone is challenged to find, keep and best use skilled workers. With simPRO’s range of performance reports, you can track, measure and improve the efficiency and productivity of your employees and teams.

Use simPRO’s Job Productivity Report and see in seconds who your most efficient employee is, and check the Mobile Status Log Report to see how productive your field teams are.

Improve performance and maximize your workforce

Keep projects on track

Monitor your projects’ progress in real time, from start to finish. Stay in complete control with comprehensive reports on materials, resources, purchase orders, contractor work orders, customer invoices, and more.

Keep track of committed, actual and forecasted costs and manage multiple projects with ease with the Cost to Complete Report.

Keep projects on track

Action-packed reporting

Comprehensive, real-time data empowers you and your teams to make well-informed decisions to better your business and its growth.

See how you’re tracking on a job-by-job basis with the Job Activity Report, identify where your leads are coming from to target your marketing efforts with the Customer Created Report, and assess whether there’s room to improve your customer service with the Response Times Report – and more.

Action-packed reporting

Reporting when and how you want it

Generating reports in simPRO is as easy as selecting a date range, and then applying specific filters to customize your report as you require.

Run a report as soon as the need arises or schedule selected reports to be emailed straight to your inbox daily, weekly or monthly.

The bottom line: see the big picture

Systems and intelligent business data allow you to take a step back from working in the business and give you the opportunity to work on your business.

Get the time and energy to focus on the big picture and grow your business – your way.

See the big picture Icon

*Available reports depend on your simPRO license type and associated add-ons. Contact us to learn more about making the most of your reports.

“Reports in simPRO give us greater visibility of our overall company performance and profitability.”

Tim Orr, General Manager – Blue Wave Communications

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