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SMS made easy

Send SMS messages with ease, fast, affordable, your customers will love you for it

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Competitive pricing with new SMS plans
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SMS costs are added to your simPRO invoice
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Use unused credits for up to two months

Easy communication with customers and staff via SMS

Ensure your business is communicating effectively with customers and staff via simPRO SMS (short message service).
With new cost-effective SMS plans, you’ll have the option to pick one that suits your business’s communication needs.

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Easy billing with simPRO SMS

With new simPRO SMS plans, your billing will simply be added to your recurring invoice and you’ll pay simPRO direct. Rollover your credits for up to two months and set up notifications for when to top up your credit.

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Easy SMS pricing*

From $8* per month

*Subject to change.

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simPRO is more than solutions – it will be a part of your team

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Real-time office-to-field connectivity.

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Manage your business anywhere, any time.

Strong Field Mobility

Complete field mobility.

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