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Job management software for facilities management

Facilities management made easy

Designed for building and facilities management companies as well as trade businesses contracting to FM companies.

With a range of features for scheduling, estimating, invoicing, project management, asset management and more, you can work smarter, deliver superior service and maximize your profitability.

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Reactive jobs

Keep engineers connected to the office using the simPRO mobile app, Connect. Engineers can receive jobs and updates to their schedule while on the move. They can then update times, materials, job details and photos for each job, reducing paperwork and admin time.

Smart, efficient scheduling makes it easy to see at a glance who’s busy, when and where. A drag and drop is all it takes to swap schedules between employees.

Planned work

It’s easy to schedule jobs for planned preventative maintenance (PPM) and planned work with simPRO. This allows you to plan your resources in advance and make sure you get people to the right place at the right time.

With the simPRO Maintenance Planner add-on, you will know what assets need to be tested – when – and what specific test is required based on defined Service Levels. Create and assign jobs and quotes directly from the planner to get the job done quickly.

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Asset management

With the asset management feature, you can keep a detailed and customizable report of every customer asset you create in simPRO. Whether you’re managing hundreds or thousands of sites, you can have all the information you require ready to review in seconds.

Full asset history, details of upcoming services, and attachments such as manuals, warranties or photos can be made available to office staff, field staff, and even customers to drive an efficient workflow.

Be alerted when assets fail and require rectification, and of critical failures that need to be rectified quickly. Create a job or quote from the alerts page right there and then.

Engineers can test assets in the field and share test results with the office in real time, helping you manage preventative and reactive asset management – without the paperwork.

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Customer portal

Keep your customers in the loop, too. Share Asset Defect reports, Test History reports, and Planned Preventative Maintenance reports* with your customers.

Your customers can also use the Customer Portal to view their quotes, jobs, and outstanding invoices, as well as a list of assets and their current defects or planned preventative maintenance.

*Available only with the Maintenance Planner add-on.

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Intelligent reporting

With simPRO, you get live, actionable information at your fingertips. Over 60* reports mean you can keep tabs on everything as it happens and make the right decisions for your business at the right times. Common Facilities Management reports include:

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Asset List

Easily monitor each of your customer assets with the Asset List Report. See customer assets according to asset type, and use specific filters to create targeted reports as needed.

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Test History

With the Test History Report, you can view all of your customer asset test results, and use specific filters to create targeted reports as needed.

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Contract Profitability

Measure your contract profitability by comparing the costs and income across your maintenance jobs and recurring invoices, no matter what stage your contracts are at.

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Programmed Preventative Maintenance (by site)

Use the Programmed Preventative Maintenance Report to see an overview of all asset types serviced in each month. You may wish to use this report as an annual service program matrix to examine pending and completed services against asset types for any service level within the specified site.

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Annual System Condition

With the Annual System Condition Report, you can see the condition of asset types for specific customers and sites in a specified date range. If an asset has failed testing, you can view the defect and rectification details. You can also print system condition reports for specific assets as PDFs.

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Certificate of Maintenance

Up to a specified date, see the most recent test dates and maintenance standards used for each asset type per site with the Certificate of Maintenance Report. Print or email certificates of maintenance, or attach them to associated sites.

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System Activity

See the activity for every asset type on every site, including defects and quotes raised to rectify those defects, with the System Activity Report.

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Response Times

Ensure that your jobs are being responded to within the specified response time with the Response Times Report. See all jobs with assigned response times, when they were created and their due date.

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