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  • Kick Starter* –$399 (up to 6 hrs of training)
  • Business Builder* – $599 (up to 9 hrs of training)
  • Pay as You Go* – $120 per hour
Category Areas Covered 2 hours free training Kick Starter $399 Business Builder $599
Getting Started Workflow
Accounting Link
Service Basics Catalog
Navigation and card files
Service introduction
Service Workflow Quotes
Purchase orders
Connect (Mobility) Update jobs in Connect
Advanced Create & manage pre-builds
Inventory management
Reporting essentials
Inventory control
Understand reports
Create and manage recurring jobs & invoices
Q&A session
Connect (mobility)
  • Audits
  • Quotes
  • Invoicing
  • Live payments in the field
*Service online training packages are valid for two months from date of payment and must be booked within this period. No refunds will be provided if training is not booked within two months of payment date.


To organize your remote training please contact simPRO at 855-338-6041 or complete the form below.